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The Danger of Inconsistency

September 12, 2011 Coordination of new rules across regulators, jurisdictions and geographical borders is just not happening at the level it should, says Tim Ryan, the chief executive of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association.

Don’t Blame Risk Numbers for Market Crash

May 28, 2010 The market meltdown that began three years ago certainly caught most investors and market professionals by surprise. The scale of the losses incurred and subsequent corporate collapses are truly shocking. What on earth went so wrong?

Brokerage CEOs in the Crosshairs

August 31, 2011 The enforcement chiefs of both the SEC and FINRA have made it clear that presidents and chief executive officers of broker-dealers are in their sights. Here are examples from securities counsels Brian L. Rubin and Yvonne M. Williams.

Making Sense of Identifiers

January 30, 2012 Incorporating new standard identifiers into the existing soup of overlapping symbologies presents data management challenges to financial institutions, says Stephen Engdahl, senior vice president of GoldenSource.

The Road From Here

September 22, 2011 A global system for identifying legal entities is on the cusp of becoming a reality. The road from here, from Tom Price of SIFMA at the SIBOS conference in Toronto.

Data is Not Costly. Bad Data is.

October 10, 2011 With rogue trading again making headlines, data quality can’t be ignored. In an investment bank or any asset management firm, your controls are only as good as your data, says Alberto Corvo at eClerx.

Short Sale Bans Harm Quality of Markets

October 3, 2011 There is no evidence that banning short selling of financial stocks calms markets. And it may harm them in the process, argues Alison Crosthwait of Instinet.

Brains, Technology and the Broken Buck

May 21, 2010 To help prevent net asset values in money market funds from "breaking the buck" again, fund managers are going to have to put their best brains on the technology needed to disclose data better.

Is There Really a Future to Trading on Twitter?

August 25, 2011 Predicting stock market moves using Twitter alone is about as reliable as a witness in the Raj Rajaratnam insider trading trial, says Dr. John Bates of Progress Software.

New Stock Regulations: Market Killer or Savior?

June 4, 2010 Due to recent extreme stock market volatility, the spotlight is back on stock regulations. The primary points of concern involve the so-called “circuit breakers” and market participatory mandates.

Trading Without Limits

June 17, 2010 What do traders want? It’s simple really. They want ways to show on screen all the applications that matter to them. At one time, if possible.

Fraud, According to FINRA

July 29, 2011 I was considered “a serious risk to the investing public” by FINRA. I am not. And here is my side of the story, says Brian Alfaro, founder of a Texas broker-dealer firm that has now closed.

CEOs: Fix the Plumbing

June 24, 2010 The financial crisis proved the industry's data systems -- its plumbing -- is broken. Call in the CEOs.

Some People Actually Pay for These Opinions?

August 8, 2011 Rather than paying S&P for its opinion, all you needed to do is look at some past CBO projections and you would have arrived at the same opinion years ago.

S&P's Flawed Thinking

August 11, 2011 After all, S&P should have properly assessed the asset-backed housing securities that led to the Great Recession not as investment-grade but what they actually were: Junk. So posits Money Management Executive's Lee Barney.