CEO CYBER DEFENSE MANUAL: You’re Infiltrated. Now What?

Used to be the cyber attack was just an annoyance. The hacker and the hacktivist were just out to prove their chops and make names for themselves. Those were the days. Now organized crimes and organized nations can cost financial firms their competitive edge. And chief executives their jobs. Here’s what to do, from the Booz Allen playbook.

 Cost of Attack from a Cyber Criminal: $5.9 Million Cost of Attack from an Insider: $20 Million Cost of Attack from a Nation-State: TBD
False Sense of Security: Firewalls False Alarm: Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Vulnerability: Photos in Email Vulnerability: Advanced Persistent Threat
 Vulnerability: The CEO Response: Monitor Chat Rooms Response: Identify Origin Response: Sift Code
Response: Screen Packets of Data  Response: Monitor Streaming Media Response: Reverse Engineer Code Response: Prioritize Your Own Code
 Response: Lock Up Devices. Response: Extra Log Ins.  Bottom Line: Develop a Fast Response Plan


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