Naked or Not? optionsXpress’s Short Selling, Step by Step

Here is a step by step rundown on how the SEC says the ‘scheme’ executed by optionsXpress, involved ‘naked’ short selling, with failure to deliver the securities involved in the trades.

Then, a step by step rundown of why optionsXpress contends it always delivered on its end of the trades.

Naked or Not?   NAKED: The SEC Case, Step by Step <b>NAKED, Step One:</b> Simultaneous puts and calls <b>NAKED, Step Two:</b> Short position
<b>NAKED, Step Three:</b> Failure to Deliver <b>NAKED, Step Four:</b> Covering the &#145;Fails&#146; <b>NAKED, Step Five:</b> Failure to Deliver, Again NOT NAKED: The optionsXpress Case, Step by Step
<b>NOT NAKED, Step One:</b> Simultaneous puts and calls <b>NOT NAKED, Step Two:</b> No directional risk. <b>NOT NAKED, Step Three:</b> Deliver <b>NOT NAKED, Step Four:</b> Write new calls
<b>NOT NAKED, Step Five:</b> No failure


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