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Enabling the delivery of high quality financial products and services

Pursue operational excellence and faster time to market. To stay competitive in today’s financial services industry, companies mustquickly and effectively deliver quality products and services in response toconsumer demand and preserve current investments in IBM System z®assets

Delivering Sub-Microsecond Accurate Time to Linux Applications Around the World

The accuracy and precision of the time delivered to an application program is a key factor. This whitepaper explores the challenges in delivering sub-microsecond accurate time to a Linux program, and it will present IEEE 1588 Precise Time Protocol (PTP) solutions and test data showing how to overcome those challenges.

New IRS Cost Basis Reporting Proposed Regulations: Analysis of the Details & the Impact on Brokers and Transfer Agents

Analyzing the IRS cost basis reporting regulations Critical updates for brokers & custodians on the new proposed regulations, an insightful must-read whitepaper authored by cost basis reporting law subject matter expert, Stevie D. Conlon, Tax Director & Counsel, Securities Tax Solutions – including GainsKeeper, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services. Learn more about the cost basis reporting law at

The Complexity of Cost Basis Reporting

New legislations can be complex and therefore confusing. This white paper highlights how the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act has impacted the way we have to look at cost basis reporting. We’ll take a look at BETA Systems, a back office brokerage processing system, is preparing for the issues that arise with the passing of such acts. Taking the appropriate business and technology steps now can help you greatly in the future.

The Forrester Wave™: Complex Event Processing (CEP) Platforms, Q3 2009

Forrester Research has named Apama as a standout leader in the complex event progressing (CEP) platform market in 'The Forrester Wave™: Complex Event Processing Platforms, Q3 2009” Report.

The Report evaluated nine CEP platform vendors based on a comprehensive set of evaluation criteria. Apama excelled in every area, including Current Offering, in which Apama's development tools, event processing features and runtime architecture garnered stellar marks; Strategy, in which Forrester found Apama to be backed by strong corporate and product strategies; and Market Presence, where from installed base, to services, revenue and systems integrators, Forrester found that Apama led the pack.

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