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The Securities Technology Leaders List

October 17, 2007
By Carol E. Curtis

Welcome to Securities Industry News' second annual Securities Technology Ranking, where, in cooperation with Financial Insights, an IDC company, we present the results of an extensive survey to identify leading suppliers in the dynamic and rapidly growing securities technology industry. We also asked vendors to tell us which users and deployers of technology in the securities arena they viewed as the most innovative. In seeking to establish a benchmark for measuring leading solution providers, our rankings issue illustrates yet another way in which SIN sets the agenda in covering operations and technology.

Our top-ranked providers and users, along with an explanation of our methodology, appear here. Our winners' list offers a set of companies that represent the gold standard in 11 categories that span the trade cycle: order management systems (OMS), execution management systems (EMS), portfolio management, transaction cost analytics, market data, adviser workstations, market risk, business analytics, compliance, operational risk and customer relationship management (CRM).

SunGard Data Systems emerged as the winner in four of the categories. Our profile of SunGard, provides insight into why, two years into a leveraged buyout, $4.3 billion SunGard has increasingly come to dominate the securities technology space.

In our rankings of the most innovative technology users, Goldman Sachs Group tops the chart for its proactive approach to technology. John Hintze examines why vendors see Goldman as more leading-edge than most. A big reason for that perception may be the tight relationship--on a business level as well as in collaborating in the development phase--that Goldman seeks to maintain with its vendors.

Two important categories in our survey, OMS and EMS, are the subject of Tom Groenfeldt's article . The evolution of the systems illustrates just how versatile vendors have been in providing cutting-edge solutions to meet changing market demands.

Internet start-up's inclusion as the ranking's leader in CRM is validation for its software-as-a-service model and a reflection of its growing presence in the securities sector. Maria Trombly profiles the company here.

We hope you enjoy our second annual rankings issue, and eagerly await your input and feedback.